Healthier Hospitals identifies six areas of focus with standardized metrics for documenting progress in each of the challenges. The standardized methodology help demonstrate the environmental and financial benefit to environmental interventions. Enrollees are guaranteed success through turn-key implementation guidance and support for each of the six challenge areas. A learning community provides enrollees with the support they need for success:

  • Fact Sheets – Brief overviews of each challenge.
  • Educational Webinars – How-to Guidance on each challenge.
  • Infographics - Visual displays to help make the case for commiting to HH challenges.
  • How-To Guidance Documents – Suite of guidance documents, including policy templates, meeting minute template, check-lists and more!
  • Communications Toolkit – Tools such as sample press releases and an action plan to spread the word about enrollment and commitment to healthier hospitals.
  • Case Studies – Success stories are highlighted, demonstrating cost savings, environmental improvements and tips for success!
  • CleanMedthe conference on environmentally responsible health care.

Share the following fact sheets and detailed packages with your hospital to garner support and Make the Case for HH.

Challenge Fact Sheets
File Name Download
HH Engaged Leadership Fact Sheet.pdf Download File
HH Healthier Food Fact Sheet.pdf Download File
HH Leaner Energy Fact Sheet.pdf Download File
HH Less Waste Fact Sheet.pdf Download File
HH Safer Chemicals Fact Sheet.pdf Download File
HH Smarter Purchasing Fact Sheet.pdf Download File