Yu: Tasting the benefits of reducing food waste

Dr. Yan Yu

August 1, 2015

Calgary Herald

As a resident family physician, I often encounter patients whom I cannot help. Sometimes, the most I can do is give them a sandwich from the hospital kitchen, and marvel at how much happiness something as simple as food can bring. Little did I know that many of my patients are actually suffering from hunger, on top of other medical conditions. In fact, almost a million people rely on food banks in Canada.
Such numbers are troubling, especially since Canada needlessly wastes over seven billion kilograms of food every year — around 40 per cent of all the food we produce. If Canada were my patient, I’d diagnose it with chronic food waste addiction, and recommend urgent treatment. Reducing food waste would not only help mitigate hunger, it also would put money back into families’ wallets, and help offset climate change.