Hospitals revamping their menus

Paul Sisson

U-T San Diego

April 8, 2014

From organic lettuce to hormone-free milk, healthier food just costs more. But meal managers at local hospitals said they’re finding ways to improve the quality of their menus without plowing their budgets under.

Across the county, hospitals are revamping their menus — adding a scoop of brown rice here and a bunch of bok choy there, shutting down deep fat fryers and pushing sodas to the bottom shelf of the cooler.

These days, health providers are under pressure to become role models for the communities they serve by showcasing food habits that can help keep patients out of hospital beds in the first place.

Providers in the San Diego region are getting the message, said Seema Wadhwa, director of the Healthier Hospital Initiative, a nationwide campaign that challenges medical centers to do better on the food front. “It’s a matter of practicing what we’re preaching,” she said.

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