Hospital Sustainability Purchasing to Reach 80 Percent by 2016

Ryan McAskill
October 29, 2014
RevCycle Intelligence
A new survey found that more hospitals are planning to invest in sustainability products going forward.
The idea of “going green” has touched many aspects of today’s culture and it seems as it health care practices are starting to get on board. Environmentally friendly approaches to health care are growing in popularity, but they also could have tangible benefits for hospitals that invest.
According to a recent Harris Poll that was commissioned by Johnson & Johnson, sustainability will become a major focus for health care organizations going forward. The study features the results of a survey of 300 global health care professionals from six countries including the U.S., U.K., France, germany, Brazil and Japan. Currently, hospitals integrate sustainability into product purchasing 54 percent of the time. By 2016, that number is projected to increase to 80 percent.
There is support for sustainability coming from all levels of the hospitals. Seventy-six percent of those surveyed are more likely to purchase a company’s products or services if they have environmentally sustainable practices. Another 60 percent reported that their hospital has a strong commitment to sustainability from top management.