Creating Environments to Foster Healing

Jeffrey Brown, Executive Director, Practice Greenhealth

May 20, 2015


Health care professionals are charged with creating environments that foster quality health care delivery, patient healing and healthy workplaces for staff. For over fifteen years, partner organizations Practice Greenhealth and Health Care Without Harm have worked with thousands of leading hospitals, health care organizations and suppliers to help them take steps to create healthier facilities by making better, more sustainable decisions about the products and services they purchase. The most innovative organizations have adopted an intentional and strategic approach: avoiding products, services, and materials that can have negative impacts on patients, staff, our communities and the environment. In doing this, they’ve aligned their operations with health care’s healing mission. We’ve seen lots of progress since our founding, and 2014 in particular was important, as hospitals across the country took a big step forward in selecting furniture and materials that contain fewer or no toxic chemicals.

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