2015 Sustainable Operations Survey

Beth Burmahl, Suzanna Hoppszallern Senior Editor, Jamie Morgan
October 7, 2015
Health Facilities Management

When it comes to environmental sustainability, hospitals across the United States are making considerable strides in lopping off what industry experts call the low-hanging fruit — the less costly and labor-intensive measures that often show significant energy and cash savings.

But reaching the fruit nestled higher up in the tree — purchasing bigger-ticket items, securing adequate staffing and developing comprehensive sustainability programs that address the issue from every angle — may take significantly more time. “The first step for hospitals is usually reducing energy consumption,” says Robin Guenther, FAIA, LEED Fellow, principal of Perkins+Will. “Once they have implemented the basic components of energy conservation — the low-hanging fruit — then they are in a position to move to the next level.”

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