List of Medical Products that Meet the HH PVC and DEHP Elimination Goal

Practice Greenhealth worked with product manufacturers to identify products that meet the PVC and DEHP Elimination Goal.  An important note: this is NOT a certification, and Practice Greenhealth does NOT verify this information.  Hospitals are encouraged to seek verification from individual manufacturers.

What is the PVC and DEHP Elimination Goal?

Eliminate PVC and DEHP from at least two product categories.  Product categories include: 1. breast pumps and accessories, 2. enteral nutrition products, 3. enteral tubes, 4. general urological, 5. gloves, 6. parenteral infusion devices and sets, 7. respiratory therapy products, and 8. vascular catheters

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Enteral nutrition products
General urological
Parenteral infusion devices and sets
Respiratory therapy products    
Vascular catheters    
Other products