Make the Case for HH

Often with any important effort, taking the first step is the hardest one. That is because there must be a compelling answer to two questions: Why should I care? And what is in it for me? Fortunately, there are multitudes of compelling answers to these questions as they relate to environmental sustainability in the health care setting.

The health care sector is filled with compassionate people who work extremely hard to make a difference by promoting personal health and the health of the communities they serve. It is for this reason that working in health care is often seen as a calling rather than a job. Given the increasingly evident scientific links between health and the environment, caring for the environment is fast becoming a natural extension of caring for the health of patients. 

Beyond the health imperative, the current state of health care costs calls for better managing our resources. One of the fundamental values inherent in sustainability is stewardship of resources, which refers not only to energy and water, but also to financial resources. Hospitals that are actively engaged in sustainability initiatives are realizing significant costs savings, in addition to reduced environmental impacts. As an added benefit, sustainability has also been linked to increased employee satisfaction and improved community leadership.

Effecting broad-reaching change requires achieving critical mass within this movement. Healthier Hospitals (HH) provides the mechanism for achieving this. HH is a redefined framework for health care leadership – a collaborative effort of leading health care systems across the country that have joined together to help drive the health care sector towards environmental sustainability. It aims to use data-driven information to help drive industry transformation. By enrolling in HH, hospitals have access to a wealth of tools and can become part of the movement to make a meaningful change to the future of health care sustainability.

Healthier Hospitals is helping guide the way to a new paradigm of health, one that is leading communities to a healthier future!

Use the following resources to Make the Case for HH

HH Resources
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HH Overview.pdf Download File
Can Sustainable Hospitals Help Bend the Health Care Cost Curve? Download File
HH Engaged Leadership Fact Sheet.pdf Download File
HH Healthier Food Fact Sheet.pdf Download File
HH Leaner Energy Fact Sheet.pdf Download File
HH Less Waste Fact Sheet.pdf Download File
HH Safer Chemicals Fact Sheet.pdf Download File
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