Yale-New Haven Hospital | Sustainable Leadership Through WorkSMART Team

Yale-New Haven Hospital’s (YNHH) WorkSMART Committee is an innovative, employee-driven program to help the hospital manage its environmental impacts. Originally created in 2009, YNHH's WorkSMART program has continuously evolved.  In 2011, YNHH realized its responsibility to pursue environmentally sustainable solutions, the WorkSMART structure was expanded to include two Subcommittees: the Employee Engagement Subcommittee and the Waste Reduction, Efficiency and Sustainability Subcommittee (overseeing Operating Room reprocessing, waste reduction, printing and paper reduction, courier services, energy conservation and transportation demand management).  Both committees report on their efforts at bi-weekly Steering Committee meetings, and the use of data and performance metrics is ingrained in the program’s reporting structure to help engage key constituents and ensure accountability.

 As a result of the Committee’s oversight of YNHH’s sustainability program, the organization saved approximately $1,649,132 in 2012.  It additionally achieved a 24 percent recycling rate, implemented a reusable sharps program, expanded its Transportation Demand Management program to include more than 775 participants who carpool, bike, walk, telecommute or use public transportation, and identified more than  80 individuals to act as Sustainability Champions, Historically, as the WorkSMART program has improved environmentally sustainable practices in one area, it has also helped to discover more process improvement opportunities elsewhere within the organization, helping to continue the sustainability cycle.