Poudre Valley Hospital | Energy Reduction through Employee Engagement

When Poudre Valley Hospital enrolled in HHI’s Leaner Energy Challenge, it recognized that in it needed to target behind-the-scenes operational changes such as retro-commissioning and lighting improvements, as well as to include  employees in itsits conservation efforts.  University of Colorado Health North  of which PVH is a part, rolled out their Energy Reduction Challenge in 2012 as a six-week employee engagement initiative designed to help employees understand and curb their individual energy use.  
The UCH North Green Team worked with its utilities provider’s Outreach and Education Coordinator to develop promotional materials and an implementation strategy for the Energy Reduction Challenge. The challenge was promoted via Green Team meetings and UCH North’s intranet webpage.  During the course of the challenge, employees were asked to turn off lights when leaving a room, turn off monitors at the end of a shift, and unplug energy “vampires” before leaving for the weekend.  Participants were rewarded with $5 café coupons.  Before and after the challenge, UCH North used online surveys to gather employee feedback on the impact of the program and to collect ideas for future programming.
As a result, PVH used 25,678 kWh less than its four-year average for the same time period, saving over $1,500  and reducing CO2 emissions by nearly 40,000 pounds per . Annually PVH would see annual electricity savings of $13,797.  According to ENERGY STAR for Healthcare, this is equivalent to $275,940 in patient revenue for a hospital with a 5 percent operating margin.