The Ottawa Hospital | Engaging Employees in Energy Savings

The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) has a strong focus on energy management as part of its goal to provide a healthy environment for patients, staff and community through cost-effective sustainable initiatives. In 2012, TOH enrolled in HHI’s Leaner Energy Challenge to highlight and share these energy accomplishments, and to identify additional best practices.

In 2005, TOH had an on-site energy plant but it was under pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency.  Faced with an aging infrastructure, the engineering team hired a firm to implement a new $18MM Energy Service Contract that included the installation of building automation systems, lighting retrofits and the change-out of small boilers and other electrical equipment.  These changes saved more than $3M per year, yielding a six-year payback period and reducing total natural gas consumption by 30 percent

In 2011 and 2012, TOH continued its efforts by investing in projects such as air-cooled lab systems, LED exit signs and chiller upgrades, with savings of $120,000.  Beyond the operational savings, TOH has worked with its Energy Service Contract partner on a plan to engage and educate employees, and held an employee barbecue to celebrate TOH’s energy achievements.

Since the early 1990s, TOH has realized approximately 17 million kWh in energy savings– enough to power nearly 6,000 Canadian homes for a year. TOH's HHI Energy Challenge has encouraged the hospital to move the needle even further on energy conservation.