Inova Health System | Stopping Waste Before it Begins

Inova Health System’s sustainability goal has shifted from managing waste to preventing waste from being created.  By targeting the products and services it was purchasing, Inova was able to minimize financial and physical waste throughout its supply chain. 

One area of opportunity was Inova's operating rooms (ORs) a resource- and waste-intensive area in every hospital.  In 2012, Inova formed a team of OR Directors from its five hospitals to review their OR packs or kits , with a goal of reducing waste and standardizing the purchasing process.

Before OR kit reformulation and standardization, there were 138 kits used in Inova's five facilities, 97 were the responsibility of the OR Kit Review Committee  and the remainder were the responsibility of other departments.

As of January 2013, the Committee reviewed 61 kits and developed 17 packs to replace them, resulting in a 62 percent reduction.  This number is expected to climb once the Committee evaluates the remaining kits. .  These reductions will occur automatically as  product inventory is replaced with the new  version.  Though waste and cost data is currently being calculated, Inova estimates additional reductions and cost-savings through these smarter purchasing decisions.