Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian | Greening the OR

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian took on the challenge of reformulating its Operating Room packs (kits) after its current surgical pack vendor decided to significantly increase pricing.  Hoag’s Supply Chain Team put out a request for proposals to three other vendors, and after several reviews and a site visit by Hoag’s Supply Chain and OR Management teams, identified Professional Hospital Supply as an ideal partner.  
New prototype packs were assembled based on the previous vendor’s component list for each pack, and these prototypes were then delivered to Hoag for live reviews with each department’s clinical leaders to identify any adjustments that needed to be made on the component level.  This evaluation process allowed Hoag to reduce waste and cost from outdated surgical packs, while giving the hospital a chance to create new packs that would reduce case pick time and OR room setup.  
As a result, Hoag was able to evaluate all of its kits, shifting from 61 custom packs hospital-wide through its old vendor, to 28 custom packs hospital-wide through its new vendor. Since the implementation of this program, Hoag has realized $46,038 in savings and eliminated more than 86,000 single sterile pulls – translated to 86,000 less items that are ordered, opened and disposed of.