CHI's Franciscan Health System | SUD Reprocessing Results in Big Savings

Catholic Health Initiatives’ (CHI) Franciscan Health System (FHS) is an excellent example of the successful roll out a single-use medical device (SUD) reprocessing program. Although CHI has many environmentally sustainable programs designed to reduce costs and provide a healthier environment for patients, staff and visitors, its SUD program has one of the largest financial impacts. Almost all CHI facilities use some degree of reprocessing and to CHI is on track to save $8M annually.

As part of CHI’s success story, FHS has reprocessed single-use medical devices since the 1980’s with no real success until the 2000’s when it switched reprocessing vendors to better fit the needs and system workflow. Throughout implementation, FHS faced issues of physician and staff resistance and interference from original equipment manufacturers. Achieving buy-in from senior leadership, demonstrating previous wins, and highlighting the benefits that come from cost savings, helped FHS manage staff resistance and created a policy against the “bashing” of reprocessing by vendors.

Today, FHS reprocesses most noninvasive devices such as pulse-ox probes and bed alarms, as well as invasive devices such as trocars and energy devices. They continue to add new products to the program monthly, and have started to purchase almost all energy devices reprocessed. As a result, FHS will save about $2 million in 2013.

Now that’s what we call a win-win.