Beaumont Health System | Committing to Green Chemicals

Beaumont Health System has several programs that support all six HHI Challenges, while Beaumont's Green Team works to set measurable goals to work towards achieving all these challenges. Beaumont’s Healthy Interiors is an example of a successful collaboration between a hospitals and business partner contributes to a healthier hospital environment. After enrolling in HHI, Beaumont reached out to its business partner Haworth to discuss how they could meet the requirements of the Safer Chemical Healthy Interior Challenge.  Haworth helped Beaumont benchmark its current furniture purchases with an analysis of its purchases. The data showed that some of Beaumont's largest purchases in terms of dollars spent, were on Haworth’s older products many of which  didn’t meet the Healthy Interior requirements.  Haworth was able to identify newer products in these categories that met the goals of the challenge by avoiding brominated fire retardants, perfluorinated compounds, vinyl and formaldehyde.  
Beaumont’s centralized procurement process for furniture and furnishings that limits the individuals making furniture purchases was essential to the Beaumont's success.   It's system-wide furniture procurement is managed by an interior design team, and this team was able to build environmental requirements into its product specifications.  This helped filter out the product options that did not meet minimum requirements.  As a result, Beaumont has exceeded the Healthy Interior’s requirement of 25 percent of purchases being free of chemicals of concern, achieving a rate of 43 percent in 2012.