Regions Hospital

Headquarters: St Paul, MN


Established in 1872, Regions Hospital is a private, not-for-profit organization. The hospital provides health care services in St. Paul and its surrounding communities, as well as for patients who come from throughout Minnesota, western Wisconsin and other Midwestern states. Regions is part of the HealthPartners family of care.

Leadership Talks

“Our mission at Regions Hospital is to improve health and well-being of those we serve. Placing a priority on the environment at Regions enhances the health of our members, patients, employees and community. We all need to walk the talk: dispose of our recyclables responsibly, turn off lights when we don’t need to use them, and be mindful of the environmental impact our everyday activities have. At Regions, I see this priority placed on the environment every day. Our colleagues constantly set a great example. Organizationally, we’re committed to achieve energy usage goals, and our operations, facilities and engineering staff work tirelessly to audit what we do and help us to achieve those goals.”

Brock Nelson
President and CEO, Member of Sustainability Executive Sponsor Committee
Regions Hospital

Leadership Walks

Greening the OR efforts: our surgical services team has implemented green initiatives such as the collection of single use surgical devices for reprocessing, using reusable suction systems (we use Neptune systems), collecting blue wrap for recycling and a very robust packaging recycling process. We estimated we saved over $660,000 with these initiatives in 2013 alone. Regions won a Circles of Excellence award from Practice GreenHealth (PGH) for these efforts in 2014.

Energy savings: In partnership with Xcel Energy, we’ve been able to realize energy savings of over $1.17 million and have received over $400,000 in rebates over the last 5 years.

Nutrition services sustainability: Regions Hospital food and nutrition services vendor, Sodexo, partnered with other members of Regions green team to develop a comprehensive Nutrition Services Sustainability Work Plan.  The work plan includes sustainable aspects of operations including materials purchasing, food waste, sustainable/local foods purchasing and infrastructure development. In 2013, we spent over 20 percent of our total food budget on local or sustainable food and beverages.
Corporately, HealthPartners has committed to sustainable operations by hiring a full time sustainability manager in 2011. In 2013, we realized over $1.5 million saving with our sustainable initiatives.

In 2014, Regions Hospital was awarded the prestigious Top 25 Environmental Excellence Award (out of over 300 applicants) from Practice GreenHealth.

Vision for Future

“One of our main focuses going forward with sustainability will be food and nutrition. We feed a lot of people at Regions Hospital, and we want to make sure those people are getting healthy, responsibly grown food that’s not travelling large distances to get to us. Eating locally helps not only the environment, but our local economy as well. This will be a big step in environmental stewardship for Regions Hospital.”

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