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Headquarters: Falls Church, VA
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Inova Health System is Northern Virginia's leading not-for-profit healthcare provider, serving more than 1 million people each year and governed by a volunteer board of community members. Since its beginning in 1956, Inova has grown from one hospital to a nationally recognized, comprehensive network of hospitals, outpatient services, assisted and long-term care facilities and healthcare centers located throughout Northern Virginia.

"Inova Health System understands that being a responsible member of our community requires that we do our part to not only keep our patients and employees healthy, but to help keep our earth healthy as well."

Knox Singleton
Chief Executive Officer
Inova Health System

Leadership Talks

Inova Health System understands that being a responsible member of our community requires that we do our part to not only keep our patients and employees healthy, but to help keep our earth healthy as well. Inova strongly believes that this vision can be accomplished through thoughtful consideration of the effects of our actions on our surrounding community and the environment. From the energy we use to power life-saving medical equipment to the materials purchased for new construction projects, Inova is committed to incorporating environmental sustainability into all aspects of our core business operations. This requires balancing superior patient care with the intersection of the environment, the economy and our community. Not only does Inova rely on a healthy environment and community for our continued success, we also realize that the unsustainable activities of today threaten everyone’s future. By working to conserve precious resources, reduce pollution and preserve the natural environment, Inova is safeguarding the vitality of our local communities and protecting the health of current and future generations.

Leadership Walks

  • Dedicated position for environmental sustainability to help champion change.
  • Mission statement: “Inova Health System is committed to establishing an environmental program that contributes to a safer and healthier environment for our patients, employees and community.
  • Held sustainability conference 20 (1992) years ago "Our Environment, A Healthcare Commitment" in partnership with Modern Healthcare including major industry stakeholders such as the EPA.
  • Released a 2010 sustainability report: As a global leader and innovator in the field of health care sustainability, Inova Health System is committed to sharing information about how sustainability principles are being integrated into our daily operations and culture.
  • Created an infrastructure to support executive compensation related to sustainability goals.
  • Supported environmental programming focused on community wellness (healthy, sustainable cooking classes, rainbarrel classes-redefining our community benefit).
  • Buy Fresh Buy Local is part of Inova's family of health, nutrition and sustainability programs, which also include Partnership for Healthier Kids, FUN and SNAP (healthy weight management and obesity prevention for children), iPATH, Inova Sustainability Program and Inova HealthSource®.
  • Created a series of videos for our employees and community to learn about living sustainably available at
  • Reduced one million pounds of regulated medical waste though waste education and segregation.

Leadership Envisions

The ultimate goal of our sustainability program is to align the economic, environmental and social considerations of a traditional sustainability program with the provision of outstanding patient care. We are moving beyond that triple bottom line to develop and implement an innovative sustainability program that targets a quadruple bottom line—one of people, planet, profits and patients. Monitoring, tracking and reporting the results of our sustainability efforts and making public our sustainability goals for the future help us remain accountable for continued progress toward minimizing our overall environmental impact.

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