Dignity Health

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Website: http://dignityhealth.org/
Sustainability Page: http://www.chwhealth.org/Who_We_Are/Environment/index.htm

At Dignity Health a family of more than 55,500 caregivers and staff are delivering excellent care to diverse communities across Arizona, California and Nevada. Founded in 1986 and headquartered in San Francisco, Dignity Health is the fifth largest hospital provider in the nation and the largest hospital system in California.

Leadership Talks

"I believe there is nothing more important than the work to redefine human health to include a healthy environment. All of us must be advocates to help leaders in healthcare see the value of sustainable practices and to see environmental quality as preventive care."

Lloyd Dean
President & CEO
Dignity Health

Leadership Walks

At Dignity Health, one of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to patients and staff is through environmental stewardship. For this reason, our Ecology Program Coordinator coordinates the integration of environmental improvement metrics and other sustainability initiatives which are included in our annual Social Responsibility Report.

Dignity Health advocates for safer materials and chemicals, climate legislation, clean energy, healthy nutrition and obesity prevention initiatives, and engrains our belief into how we build, what we buy and how we dispose of our waste. We were the first to join Ceres, a national coalition of investors, environmental organizations and other public interest groups working with companies to address sustainability challenges such as global climate change and water scarcity. We issued our 14th annual Social Responsibility Report which demonstrates our efforts to implement meaningful programs and recognizes our opportunities for improvement. This report represents our seventh year of integrating components of the Global Reporting Initiative Standards for Sustainability Reporting (GRI).

Our work is possible because of the dedication of our leaders and employees who are committed to developing a culture of sustainability, in¬novation and collaboration.

A multi-disciplinary Ecology Committee at each hospital, in addition to setting annual ecology goals, identifies opportunities to partner with the community on ecological initiatives.

Dignity Health implemented programs to manage and reduce solid, medical and hazardous waste. In 2010 our single use medical device reprocessing program eliminated 162,650 lbs of medical waste for a fiscal savings of more than $5 million. We diverted over 70,000 pounds of reusable supplies and equipment to those in need in the developing world through MedShare. We transitioned to PVC/DEHP free intravenous bags, solutions and tubing, eliminating approx. 840 tons from the patient care setting and the waste stream since 2005.

In the area of Community Benefit, each hospital develops and annually updates a Community Benefit plan that addresses unmet health priorities identified in collaboration with community stakeholders. The community health priorities are integrated into the hospital’s strategic planning and budgeting processes to assure adequate resources are devoted to planning, developing, managing and reporting community benefit initiatives.

Leadership Envisions

By the end of calendar year 2020, Dignity Health will achieve the following energy benchmarks:

  • 20% reduction in system wide energy consumption
  • 35% of system wide energy use will come from renewable sources
  • 40% reduction in overall greenhouse gas emissions from energy used at each hospital campus.

The organization will achieve these results through a combination of investments in energy efficient equipment, as well as increasing the use of power produced from renewable sources such as photovoltaic, solar hot water, cogeneration, and fuel cell technology. 

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