Advancing Sustainability in Health Care

A Collection of Special Case Studies

The Healthier Hospitals Initiative uses data to drive environmental improvement in the health care sector. While data is key to success in driving performance, it doesn’t tell the story of the journey. Data doesn’t highlight the hard work that goes into making those line graphs move in the right direction. Behind every data point is a team of individuals working to put all the pieces together and drive change in a complex health care environment. That’s where the HHI case studies come in by explaining the steps taken from point a to point b.

The Healthier Hospitals Initiative team has been compiling case studies since the program’s inception in 2012. Over 35 case studies capture progress at HHI sponsoring health systems and other hospitals -- these initial case studies came from early adopters that helped others learn from their experience and are on the
HHI website.

This compilation of case studies features HHI enrolled hospitals that experienced success through their work with the Healthier Hospitals Initiative. The team made an effort to identify successes from across the United States, in varying sizes and locations, to let readers hear loud and clear that any hospital can benefit from HHI’s proven environmental interventions. Please share them with leadership to help further your facility’s progress.

With the release of this compilation as a complement to the 2014 Milestone Report, HHI is transitioning into a permanent program of Practice Greenhealth. The measures are being reviewed to take into account any lessons learned. The initiative was a success and will continue to be an important framework for driving change as a sector, in the marketplace and for engaging new hospitals and businesses.

Download Case Study Document (PDF)