Less Waste

In House Laundry Success at St. Joseph’s Medical Center

With the current economic climate, and labor costs in need of reduction, the on site laundry justifies the money is well spent and saved. Waste produced by medical centers significantly impacts the community landfill. Currently, St. Joseph’s Medical Center utilizes approximately 220,000 reusable isolation gowns, nearly 30 gowns per isolation patient, as well as, 231,000 Incontinent Pads on an annual basis.

Partners HealthCare | McLean Hospital Filtered Water Program

Four issues: Expense: FY08 bottled water expense was $59,708. Of this, $43,650 was in inpatient areas alone. - Waste: Unfinished 8 ounce bottles and opened gallon jugs. Total quantities up to 45,000 bottles. - Clutter: Individual-sized plastic bottles cluttering patient areas. Storage issues. - Time and expense: Unit staff placed orders, counted received items, food vendor ordered and delivered water daily as requested. - Green concerns: Plastic bottles have a negative impact on the environment.

Partners HealthCare | North Shore Medical Center Waste

The Integrated Waste Stream Solution at NSMC resulted from the need for better strategic management of the multitude and growing number of identifiable waste streams; each with their own set of compliance rules and regulations.


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