Healthier Food

Palomar Health | Sustainable, Local and Organic Food Purchasing

With its position in the community, 4,400 employees, and over 2 million meals prepared per year, Palomar Health has a significant opportunity to make a positive impact on human health and the environment by serving more sustainable, local, and organic produce.

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Johns Hopkins Hospital | Balanced Menus Goal

Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) took their commitment to the Healthier Food Challenge’s Balanced Menus Goal of the Healthier Hospitals Initiative seriously. Given that meat is often the most expensive product category for hospital food service departments, JHH adopted the “less meat, better meat” strategy, first reducing by 15 percent the amount of meat they purchased overall in 2014 and then investing in purchasing healthier, more sustainably-produced meat products.

Dayton Children’s Hospital | Healthier Beverages

National and local data identified childhood obesity as a growing problem. Based on that research, Dayton Children’s Hospital chose to address childhood obesity by eliminating sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) from their campus. Since May 2014, they have been 100 percent SSB-free in the cafeteria and vending machines.

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HH Business Case by Sister Mary Ellen Leciejewski

HH Business Case by Sister Mary Ellen Leciejewski Ecology Program Coordinator Dignity Health

Inova Health | Buy Fresh, Buy Local: Sourcing Fruits and Vegetables

Inova supports sustainable foods within the community through its innovative Double Dollars program, which supplements the use of SNAP benefits at local farmers’ markets and provides incentives for food stamp recipients to purchase fresh, nutritious, sustainable foods. The program allows consumers to buy fresh fruits and vegetables that otherwise may have been cost-prohibitive by doubling the first $10 in SNAP benefits that are spent at the market.

Eliminating Sugar Sweetened Beverages at Huron Valley Sinai Hospital, Commerce, Michigan

With the concern over obesity and chronic health conditions, hospitals are increasingly recognizing their responsibility to model healthier behavior for patients, staff and their community. Huron Valley Sinai Hospital wanted to model healthier behavior through the complete elimination of sugar sweetened beverages through engagement with the Healthier Hospitals Initiative.

Vanguard Health Chicago | Healthy Beverage Case Study

The Vanguard Chicago Market kicked off a healthy beverage campaign, eliminating all sugar-loaded drinks in all of the Chicago based hospitals, healthcare sites, and market office in July, 2012. The sugar-loaded drinks were replaced with healthier options. By 2013, Vanguard Health Chicago will no longer serve any sugar or artificially sweetened beverages.

Healthier Food: Implementing a Sustainable Foods Program at Inova Health System

On a whole, the healthcare industry is serving highly processed, unhealthy foods which have both direct and indirect negative impacts on health. Production processes contaminate the environment and are unsustainable in the long-run, while unhealthy consumption habits continue to contribute to the obesity epidemic and other long-term health issues. Healthcare organizations are challenged with overhauling their food service systems to be more socially responsible and offer more healthful options.

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